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Sprinklers are considered a ‘compensatory measure’ and can bring benefits relaxing other Part B requirements allowing, in some cases, more design freedom for your project.


M Bufton Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd are able to provide a domestic sprinkler proposal designed by qualified engineers and installed by qualified pipe work installers and electrical engineers as part of a whole house system including renewable energy, plumbing and electrical systems.


We are able to negotiate with the water utility in your area to find a suitable water supply for your sprinkler including, Utility supply, boosted supply or tank and pump system and either incorporate the sprinkler into your linked fire detection or full fire alarm system.


Our sprinkler and fire alarm systems are independently verified and certified by fully trained 3rd party engineers for your peace of mind. We also offer a complete service to maintain your system as required after the 12 month guarantee period.


Modern sprinkler systems do not have to be intrusive, if there is space most systems can be discretely concealed as shown below.

Domestic Fire Safety (Wales) 2011 regulations


From the 1st January 2016, all new dwellings and some extensions and alterations in Wales will join care homes, Hostels etc. in requiring a sprinkler system designed and installed in accordance with BS 9251:2021

Fire Sprinkler Installation Mid Wales
Concealed Sprinkler Head Installation

Concealed Sprinkler Head

When the concealed sprinkler head is exposed to heat from a fire, the cover plate falls away to expose the sprinkler assembly.


At this point the deflector supported by the arms drops down to its operating position. If the temperature continues to rise the sprinkler head is now ready to be activated.

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